Picklebird Art & Books is a unique enterprise that houses a collection of paintings, drawings, sculptures, prints, Artists’ books and manuscripts of various artists, writers and photographers.

Our vision is to nurture a positive connection in the lives of artists and art lovers alike. Part of our mission is to help subsidize under-recognized artists and writers to continue and/or advance their artistic practice through our Artists Programs.

Picklebird focuses to showcase artists that work outside of the art-historical mainstream. This includes self-taught art, Outsider art, contemporary crossover, and vernacular art of various media. However, we’d like to think our collection blurs the lines between such labels so that the art can be enjoyed just as it should: as art – a magical phenomenon in and of itself.

While we exist to publicize and foster the visibility of our vast spectrum of collected artists, we currently do not exclusively represent artists. We occasionally sell work from our collection on the secondary market in order to help fund our Artist Programs. We exist on donations and our 100% of our proceeds are used toward our endeavors.