Been Away

Hello to all, large and small! Sorry we’ve been away neglecting our new Picklebird project. It’s because we’ve been bamboozled with other immediate projects that needed to get done. Our feets are truly in too many waters, but do not fret. We have not forgotten the bird, as it will be a sort of life-long project to document and organize the collection. We got a lot of stuff ya know.

We are trying to learn a new content management software and it is very different from coding from scratch. In the end it will be easier to maintain, but learning how everything works is becoming increasingly time-consuming. In the meantime, we are keeping you updated on our progress. And it is an organic process of building a springboard for not just an art and book collection, but a virtual home for a vast network of the artists we love.

We want to share the joy of collecting with the world. Perhaps you are reading this and wondering how you too can start a collection of your own. Passing the torch is something we have in mind, as well as many other ambitious endeavors to help out artists and connect collectors to those artists. One of the other things we are working on is a new mission statement for this overall project, so that we can focus and streamline our goals.

Thanks for reading and being part of the process. And thank you for bearing with the intermittent appearances of the elusive picklebird.

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