The History and Present of Picklebird Redux

Okay, let’s start from the beginning, shall we?

Around 14 years ago, Picklebird: Los Angeles Alternative Art Magazine launched as the Internet’s first online hub for West Coat Outsider, Visionary, Self-taught, Lowbrow, and Alternative art. We had various writers submitting reviews, How-tos, advice, and Feature Spotlights, as well as a calendar events of music and exhibitions going on around Southern California. We liked to focus on artists that didn’t get their fair shake in getting much exposure. Any press was good press, as we saw it.

Our articles also had comment sections which, at times, got very heated, and ultimately caused us to shut down the site as it was. We had one recurring columnist that wrote about Ebay. He had a rather rough sense of humor, and many Ebay artists took offense. We apologize for these misunderstandings and offensive comments and would like to reiterate that Picklebird is no longer operating under an online publication platform.

We have continued to use the domain name as a format for our collection database.

Since 1989, the partnership of Picklebird has been collecting both fine art, rare books and manuscripts that have been in need of cataloging. This has been a long undertaking and we are still in the process of finishing, during which, we have found we have an excess of items that will be going up for auction in the coming months.

Please bear with us as we continue to streamline the site, the database and our auctions as they are announced on our blog. These items will most likely be going up on Ebay very soon to fund further cataloging of the collection.

Thank you for your patience.

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