Picklebird is under construction again. Please excuse the mess. If you’ve reached this article or even the navigation, you might see some unfinished pages – and they are still being formed and edited.

I, Carol, am finally turning Picklebird into the foundation I have always wanted it to be. I always thought I would wait to do this when I was very old, and I have no idea why. Maybe because I have mostly collected my art in twos and thought if I sat on the work for more than 20 years that maybe I could sell one of the pieces for an inflated price and create a foundation for artists with the money I could make, but that probably won’t be the case. Buying art is both a labor of love and a gamble. It’s better than playing the stock market because you get to live with something you love. I would buy in twos so I wouldn’t have to exactly part with the artists I love completely. That was the plan anyway.

Now I want to just start the foundation in a way where I can make a small amount of money and give it away to artists. Whenever I make enough, I can make micro grants for projects or a small amount of supplies. It’s a start. Who knows? Maybe it can move forward from there. At least I can set up the website and see where it goes. If it goes as planned, I can one day make it an official 501(c) organization.

I also want to set up a mentoring program. It can be done online with advanced artists that help beginner artists with their work and their careers. They can help them once or twice a month via email or Skype. I just have to set up the artists and get them on board. I only need but a few and I don’t think I’ll have all that much trouble getting them together.

I am going to have to either get donations and sell my double pieces and/or selected pieces from the collection in order to do the funding. That’s the way the system is going to have to work.

Another idea is to represent artists as an online gallery and take a bit less than a commercial gallery would, like 35% and use those proceeds to help fund the outfit. That is another avenue I am considering.

So that’s it for now. Thanks for reading if you so happened to. Stay tuned.

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